Star Quilt Finished

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last May I started on the Start Quilt Along. Now, well over a year later it’s on my bed.

I’m really happy with it but it has taken some time. I had it long are quilted and picked it up in January this year. It has taken a while for the quilting to grow on me. At first I doubted the pattern, then the threads, then I contemplated having it over quilted. None of which happened. After finally binding it in August, I love it.

The photo has been along time coming. I meant to tidy the room to get a shot of the bassinet next to it but missed that entirely. However, now I can get a shop of Miss H modelling one of the dresses that started my passion for these colours.

Please note: I do not usually dress my children to match the furniture so please somebody stop me before I turn the ends of the curtain fabric into a pant suit for myself.

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