Blue Cross String Quilt

Monday, December 07, 2009

As I took up the challenge to use every last scrap of the left over fabrics, this quilt came together. I raided my stash for other fabrics that might bulk up the selection. If you look closely you can bits of beloved Katie Jump Rope patterns, Heather Bailey and even some treasures pink Park slope from Joanna.

I am not a fan of foundation piecing so this one has been put together in strips as I will explain later – bear with we as I get a tutorial together.

I started out with just a desire to use everything up and try something new. For a brief time this quilt was homeless but as I laid out the boarders, Little E told me to “put on my bed”. Now I have to say that this quilt is well and truly spoken for.

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  1. great quilt. I am interested in your method of stripping as I do not enjoy foundation piecing, but want to do a string quilt.

    great colors....

  2. looks should be very happy

  3. It is lovely! And I like the fact that you made it out of leftover pieces that might never have been used.


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