Dear Family Circle

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Family Circle,

Your recipe is a crock. How could you let me down like that? My gingerbread houses fell in a crumpled heap and I hold you responsible.

I have remained loyal for years. As the recipe books were thinned annually, I kept you along side my beloved Nigella. I extolled the virtues of your Vichyssoise, gingerbread, Chicken chasseur, fish pie and so many others.

However, your royal icing recipe left me cold. I had visions of beautiful snow capped houses made of sweet gingerbread. My sister and I were left holding the walls up, waiting for the icing to take hold. First they fell in, then the roof slid off. I think buttercream would have been a better solution. It would have worked too, if it wasn't 26 degrees in the shade.

I have checked, and your recipe, yes the one next to the ginger bread recipe, uses half the amount of icing sugar compared with other royal icing recipes. My trust is shattered. You're just lucky the ginger bread tastes so good.


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  1. Oh honey, that is the worst! I can only imagine the tears that were shed! The only other disaster you could have had was for the roof to caved in, but I don't think you ever got to that stage! My husbands family does gingerbread houses every year, has for the last 30 some years. Here's a link to their recipe and pattern. Maybe for next year? Best wishes!

  2. Oh man, how sucky!! I tried to make one last year, but my gingerbread was too soft (or maybe the roof lollies were too heavy) and the whole thing caved in. I was gutted, so I know how you feel. Better luck next time.

  3. How horrid! I'm just about to blog my successful one but feel a little guilt that it worked! I used the Little Treasures recipes and it said to leave it several hours between sticking the walls together and then several more hours after you add the roof. And to support the walls with tin cans! Four days later it is done.


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