Park Slope Hedgerow

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I have fallen for this fabric over and over. First as a dress, and now as a quilt. The little plants and flowers seemed to lend themselves to becoming the centres in some scrappy hedge row blocks. This one was slow in coming as I pieced away 2 hours at a time; A little bit every Tuesday and sometimes, even a stolen moment in between.

I auditioned number of fabrics for the boarders. The usual white appeared a little washed out, and the teal blended in with the barker blue outsides. In the end, I went with these tiny purple accents on the teal.

One Saturday evening as my dearest watched great western movies, I took over the lounge floor and managed to get it together. With a bit of careful dancing around the TV and a number of “What do you think of this layout, Dear?” it finally came together.

As I stepped back I notice one of the blocks is sideways. For the sake of serendipity I will leave it that way as a god block.

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  1. That is stunning! I love love LOVE it!!!

  2. This quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors in it and the fabulous deep teal sashing

  3. Absolutely stunning !!!! I love it. Well done Amy.

  4. I love the colors of the quilt and how each color had a different fabric around the block!

  5. What a beautiful quilt - the colours are just stunning!

  6. I luv how all the colors just brighten each other up and make it so cherry! blocks are always off's the straight one that I leave as a gift to the quilt gods!!


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