String Tutorial 3 - String as Squares

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This tutorial explains how string pieced fabric, from string tutorial 1, was used in the “If It’s a Boy” quilt that I made earlier this year. String pieced fabric is cut into squares and rearranged at different angles to create the overall effect.

The quilt uses approximately 3 pieces of 44” long string pieced fabric. The strips were cut from fat quarters and joined with at least one other string to create the full length to increase the number of joins seen in each block.

The first piece was 5” wide and then cut into 5” squares on the straight. The following pieces were slightly wider than 5” (say 6-7”) and the squares were cut at varying angles from these pieces. The remaining scraps were joined and cut to 5” square to create the orphan blocks on the back.

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