Library Love and Promiscuity

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I’ve been getting a lot of library love lately. I spend a copious amount of time in our local library, but recently I’ve been casting my nets a little further. I’ve joined the Wellington City Library and I love it.

Losing my big city library card was one of the few downsides to moving to a small town. It turns out that by virtue of working in Wellington, I can get my card back. It is well worth it, as the selection of craft books is to die for and my issues are limited only by what I can carry home on the train.

This week I’m dreaming of decorating my house with Scandinavian style Christmas decorations and flashy Amy Butler bags.

However, I’ll still be keeping up with my local library. I highly doubt that the entire staff of Wellington Library will ever say hello to me, my kids and greet us by name like they do at out local. There are some things that are better smaller.

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  1. It was an adjustment movng to a small Hut suburb where the lbrarians are friendly, they charge for hardly anything and the library has a coffee machine inside. But there's something awesome about the siren song of the Wellington Central Library that draws me in still.

  2. Traitor! ....only kidding...Welly has a fantastic library. xx


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