5 Ideas for a Long Weekend

Friday, January 21, 2011

While long weekends don't mean an extra day off for everybody, in our house they mean and extra day with us all together. I've put my mind to some simple things to do with a long weekend in a small town, like Greytown.

1 - Have a Picnic at the River

Our town is surrounded by meandering rivers that make for great picnics. Ask around most people will have a favourite place to go. I'm a fan of the Waiohine Gorge, with it's shaded spots and native bush. My children just love anywhere they are allowed to get their feet wet.

2- Head to the Park

I'm sure every small town must have at least one park. There are a number of them around this area. A trip to the park with the kids makes for a nice break on a sunny afternoon. I love to watch the kids try and master something new. It took Miss H having a go, for little E to try her hand at the flying fox she had been intrigued by.

3-Take a Walk

The flat streets here make for easy walking. If you stop into the information centre, they can load you up with pamphlets for both the historic trees and houses walks around town. Who knows, you might even see some awesome street fashion too.

4- Visit the Museum

The local settlers museum is just the right size for a kid to get around without getting to the the "I'm bored now stage". I love the real cottage - while they are quaint on the outside, the inside is impressively small. The working printing press has me considering a new hobby. My children love the blacksmith's and discarded horse shoes.

5 - Fruit Picking

From mid November to Autumn the berry fruit orchards have pick your own. It is often a blink and you will miss it appearance of a sign on the roadside, so if you see the sign make the most of it.

That's my weekend sorted. What have you got planned?

However long your weekend is going to be, whatever you plan to do, I hope you have a good one.

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  1. oooh that does sound nice -especially the berry picking. Julian's going overseas for work this afternoon and Abby is still in Brisbane so there'll be no nice weekending happening here! But perhaps lots of sewing instead and that is nice in itself. Enjoy!

  2. Taking a walk is great. I always find when the children are scratchy, it can really clear the cobwebs! I love fruit picking too, and remember as a child doing this all the time in NZ.
    I hope you have a great wkd!

  3. I hope your long weekend plans have not been ruined by the weather. We spent Friday and Saturday in Carterton, so we can't have been far from where you live, so I know your weather was crappy! I remember reading on your blog that you work in Wellington... do you do the trip through the Rimutakas everyday? I found it a bit of a white knuckle ride in the mist...


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