Pizza - The Magic Bit

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza has become a Saturday night tradition in our house. It's a day when we are around to watch the yeast rise, have time to just nip out and get short lived items like mushrooms and when we can take hours over a meal.

The kids are fully conversant with the wonders of making pizza. I love to watch that moment when the yeast starts to leap to the surface in the bowl. I once tried to get Little e to join in the fun by calling her over to watch "the magic bit". While she missed the moment, she could be heard for days afterwards narrating her play cooking with "Quick mummy, this is the magic bit".

Little E claims she doesn't like pizza, but that could be because by the time the pizza is ready she has had her fill of doughballs.

Our pizza nights have become a record of the changing seasons in our garden and enthusiastic helpers. There are flour covered faces, clothes, floor, lawns that dry out with the hot summer sun and little E capturing her mum on camera.

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  1. She's adorable! and she took a lovely picture of her mum, too =).


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