Aubergine and Orange - The Quilt

Friday, January 28, 2011

My quilts chart a slow progress. The purple and orange one started with pencils in February 2010, fabrics in March and was pieced in May. There was a long slow pause, while I found the boarder and finally quilted it last weekend. It's taken almost a year.

Intially it had no purpose other to satisfy a craving for a certain colour combination. I merrily pieced away and had the top sitting ready to quilt last December. In the mean time my sister, E, is about to head off to go flatting in deepest darkest Peru (well, Dunedin anyway) and the single bed quilt I made her years ago no longer fits the bill. She said she'd like aubergine and avocado. It was clear the her summer holiday job in fruit shop was getting to her. When she spotted this top however, she changed her mind. Aubergine and Orange was just a edible and would suit her down to the ground.

You can see by the little faces, and feet, it has taken a while to get this quilt finished. Getting the photos taken was certainly a team effort.

Technical Bits: The pattern is Bento Box from Tracey Brookshier. I fell for it when I saw Kathy's at Pink Chalk Studio in 2008. I remembered it being pink, but now that I look back at it, Kathy has amazing taste and went with pink and orange. The pattern is well worth buying. It is brilliantly thought out and the blocks go together like a dream. Once you've tried one block, you will see why it isn't pieced as log cabins and then deconstructed. After playing with the layout, I have adjusted mine slightly to create the square blocks and echoes. With all the bright colours, it was a little easier on the eye.


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  1. slow and steady wins the race.............means you get to enjoy making the quilt for longer.........definitely not colours I would pick together but it looks great.........

  2. Love it! Fantastic colour combo too. Thanks for the pattern notes :)

  3. Wow it is absolutely gorgeous! the color combo is making me tingle, I love it that much!!

  4. Wow, it looks amazing. My sister would adrore it, those are her 2 favorite colours. Just beautiful.

  5. Love, love, love it - the design and the colour combination. You have one very lucky sister!

  6. Oh lucky E! Love the colour combinations! My brother, also E, is heading off to Dunedin this year (with handknit hat)

  7. I *love* the colors in this quilt, especially the purple fabric that's the border. Gorgeous!!

  8. Swoon. This quilt is gorgeous! Love the colours!!

  9. Love the colors and the border fabrics. It looks really good as coordinated squares -- the original way can get awfully busy.


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