Ginger Bread Massacre

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now, I don't usually present my guests with mutilated food. The guests were running late and this is what we were left with after I turned my back. Apparently, Miss H likes their eyes.

The possbilities for captions are endless.

Perhaps this YouTube clips puts it best: "Nothing freaks my mother out more than an little bit of gingerbread massacre". It's a whole genre. Who would have guessed?

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  1. This is funny! I have seen gingerbread cutters that deliberately have bite marks where limbs and heads and sides should be - but I think it would be better to make whole gingerbread men and bite those bits off yourself. Also, there are some cool "Ninja"-bread cutters out there too!!

  2. My boy did this too when he was little! Evidence...

  3. Miss H has great taste.!! I'd have eaten their eyes too. Yum !!!


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