Quince Frenzy

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quinces are a polarising fruit – either you love them, or you don’t know what to do with them. We are still waiting for quinces of our own. In the mean time, my hand is high in the air should anyone be giving them away.

Last week we wrapped the last of our quince paste to put aside for presents. The last time I had made it, years ago, we spent a good while forcing it through a sieve. I can highly recommend using a mouli as it went so much faster. I’ve used the Alison Holst recipe and Miss Smith’s storage tips (she recommends Alison too).

For those who have a little less patience, there is always crumble. I lightly stew the quince in water and sugar, before using in a 50/50 mix with raw apple for crumble. This is my dearest’s favourite way to eat quince. In the interests of year round crumble, I’ve been bottling some too. The excess syrup is nice with soda water – it has a very subtle flavour, much like elderflower cordial.

If I could take a scratch and sniff photo, I would. The smell of these things cooking is just divine.

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  1. Yum quince paste! My friend makes the most amazing quince chutney. Delish

  2. YUM!! I love quince on my cheese and crackers. Delicious! Hmmm... you've got me thinking I could possibly make some too!

  3. I was donated quince several years ago and haven't managed to find where they were sourced from - I love them as a dessert fruit - have never tried quince paste


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