Winter's Reprieve

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We've had some sunshine. Not quite enough to get the clothes dry, but enough to pretend that it's not winter just for a moment.

Miss H and I had a day together. Just the two of us, while the big kids went to the movies . We explored the garden. It seems that no matter what happens to the vegetable patch, there's always rhubarb and crumble to be had*. We admired the long grass and the way it feels between toes. We checked up on the bulbs that Grandma planted with the girls while I was away. It was just the right sort of weather for indulgent single child kind of time.

*That piece of rhubarb was cuddled for hours and didn't quite make the crumble. Don't tell H.

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  1. Don't you love those sneaky windows of one to one time! xx

  2. My rhubarb just never seems to go red!
    Miriam (Make It Give It) made me the most gorgeous rhubarb fool when I was down in Christchurch staying with her.


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