Feeling Lyrical

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I'm one of those people who listens out for the lyrics.

Much of the 80's was spent rewinding and replaying songs I had taped off the radio in order to scribble down and unfathom their meanings. Granted, Tiffany didn't have much of gravity to say, but I helped when we came to sing along in the car.

Sometimes there were lyrics that would just pop into my head and it would take me days or months to work out where they were from. A vague recollection of Bono muttering "I'm not sleeping" or wondering exactly what "she sees a hat and easy for the top shelf" means. That would later turn out to be "Bad" (brilliant song) and "She seams to have an invisible touch, yeah". So I don't always hear the right lyrics, but untold years on I an still listening and still surprised.

Today I was listening to Avalanche City sing You and Me and was certain I must have misheard the words, imagining in their place what I would like to hear. I flicked it back a bit and pulled out the liner notes. Have a listen for yourself..

Can you believe it? He really did sing

"If you were addicted to fabric,
you could fill a whole room in our house"


Have you found any surprising lyrics lately?

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  1. OK that is hilarious, and yes I think he really does say that too! It is especially funny to me because right now we're on vacation, staying at my MIL's, and she is addicted to fabric, and every single room in her house is full of it. And I'm talking about floor to ceiling boxes full of it. With a little pathway between to walk through! I think I need to show her this song and tell her I've found her new theme song!

  2. I love the lyrics, too. Been listening to the Decemberists lately. They use words like "panoply" and "bonhomie" and "supply-side economics". Okay, that was a phrase, but you know what I mean ...

  3. Now that is my kind of Man! Priceless.

  4. I am addicted to fabric, and I could fill SEVERAL rooms in his house. I used to be so good, then Nicks, discounter extra-ordinaire, moved in just down the road. Resist temptation- not me!


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