Making Me Smile - Sunday Dinner

Monday, August 29, 2011

Right now I'm loving Sunday Dinners - the sort that require no planning just a bit of what ever is in the fridge and of course toast. When I asked Little E what she wanted for dinner, she leant in close and whispered in my ear "dippy eggs" so that's what we had* - soft boiled eggs with toast and wedges.

Growing up, Sunday dinners were always some form of cheese on toast, possibly in front of quality TV like "A Dog's Show". I used to imagine that one of our dogs was good enough to star. Could you even imagine dog trials on TV now? i guess, it's like some form of rural reality TV.

*Wedges can make for a pretty cool gluten free dipping alternative when pressed too.Link

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  1. Love the little owls! What a cute widea!

  2. I loved the dog show! I think they should bring it back.


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