It is Snowing

Monday, August 15, 2011

For the second time this winter, it is snowing. This is close to miraculous.

My children are keen on reminding me it's a miracle every half hour. They are checking the snow regularly and every time exclaiming anew "It's snowing!" as if I didn't hear them the last time. It's akin to a happy form of dementia.

Grandma returned from her holiday to find the only way home was a train. After a hairy trip to the station and a break in the clouds, the kids were able to attempt a snowman. If we hadn't had that little spot of blue sky I'm sure they would still be clambering at the door.

This doesn't happen often. The last time it snowed here, I was 16. I remember walking out of an exam to drifting flakes and amazed exchange students who had never seen snow in July. I've managed to capture the moment, just in case it snows again. Little E will be able to chime in with me by adding " I remember the last time it snowed. I was 4"

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  1. It's very exciting isn't it! Love the snowman! We're enjoying our snowfall too.

  2. Tee heee! were a bit excited here too. The phone rang red hot last...all the in-laws seem to be just as excited as the kids!

  3. We even had sleet up here! I remember snow very fondly growing up as a child in Dunedin. There was always one or two snow days a year. Every couple of years we'd get the day off school because the buses couldn't run. It's so much more exciting when you are young! Oh and of course living in Poland for 3 years really cured me of snow fever. When you see nothin' much else much for months and months of the year you get over it real quick.

  4. I live in Wisconsin in the US, where we get lots of snow every winter, so it's lost a lot of the magic for me. That happens when you have to shovel 12" out of your driveway so you can go to work. The pictures of the girls are adorable - the first photo reminds me so much of a Hummel figurine.


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