In Anticipation of Cousins

Monday, August 22, 2011

In a few weeks time, I get to be an auntie and my girls get to be cousins. Over the last week we have been sorting through the baby bedding and putting a care package together for my sister in law*. Of course, the package had to be topped with a new quilt for the baby. The girls are also pretty excited about getting a cousin.

Sorting through the bedding I realised that I really do have a lot of baby quilts. It got me to thinking about what makes a good baby quilt and this is what I came up with:

  • Baby's are not always clean - make the quilt washable
  • Mum's are often pushed for time - make it MACHINE washable, quilt it tight so that it will hold up to the machine.
  • Some Mum's are scared of what the machine might do - prewash and dry the quilt so all the shrinking is over and done with.
  • Babies love cuddles and soft things - consider using flannelette backing.
  • Babies temperatures are very sensitive - use materials that will breathe, avoid polarfleece or polyester batting.
And most of all, make something you enjoy making.

*For those of you who were at the engagement party on the weekend and are wondering where the bump was, all I can say is it's the OTHER sister in law.

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  1. Great advice! I'm just getting into (very basic) quilting at the moment, particularly for the new baby - so this advice is very timely!

  2. That is one sweet quilt! And I'm storing away your words of wisdom for the day I get all clucky and make a baby quilt.


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