Christmas Hama Beads

Monday, November 17, 2014


Little snowflakes are finding their way into our house.  The pretty little snowflake decorations turned out to be just the thing to entertain a seven year old when confined to the house.  They are made with Hama beads (similar to Perler), laid out on a grid and then gently ironed. 

Together, we searched for patterns and began to sort out our bucket of beads.

Slowly we worked out how to make the decorations a little more robust.  Spindly, thin details don't hold up very well so look for snowflakes with wider points, or fill in the background with another colour, like the red one above.

You can find links to other Hama bead decorations below:

Bead Merrily - lots of diagrams for snowflakes
Coffee and Vanilla - Gorgeous flakes in vibrant colours
Tutsplus - Stunning black and white snowflakes

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