Plum Jam Redemption

Monday, January 07, 2013

There is a spiky, self sown plum tree stretching over our herb garden.  As I weed underneath it and cursing at the spikes, I wonder if this is the year that we cut it down or replace it with something a little less ferocious.  Then over the period of two weeks, each January, the green plums turn a glowing yellow and the tree redeems itself.  The plums make the most wonderful jam and for another year the tree is off the hook.

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  1. mmm plum jam, i'm all out of homemade as of two weeks ago and the shop-bought stuff just isn't as tasty. i feel the same way about our black boy peach tree, it's old and ugly, and i have to pick up mounds of windblown peaches for 4 months a year to ward off wasps, but a small price for the jam ultimatly!

  2. Plum jam is so tasty. There is an abandoned orchard near our house and each autumn there is a fight to be the first of the neighbours to get there when they ripen so that you can get the best ones!
    Rosie xx

  3. And it looks fantastic! Lovely labels, even ...


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