The Twelth Day of Christmas

Sunday, January 06, 2013

 It's the Twelfth Night.  Does anyone else get excited about this?  Other than Utah School Boards*?Our decorations stay up until  the last possible day.  Today we packed them up,and tucked them away until next December.  The Christmas CD's get a last little work out and we take a moment to celebrate yet again.

This afternoon we had a Galette du Rois (King Cake) to celebrate the arrival of the three kings.  E hand crafted a crown for the occasion, complete with stickers.  I had been aspiring to try the recipe for years.  In the absence of a silver charm, a plum stone was hidden in the pie, waiting for the day's king to find it.  While the kid's weren't too fussed about the almond filling, they were delighted when Granddad found the stone and was presented with the crown.

*  For a little giggle, check out the story about a Utah school and a "controversial" Elvis version of The Twelfth Night.
* I've used the Nigella Lawson recipe from "How to be a Domestic Goddess".  Of course it was a little over the top in the sweetness department and with the filling bubbling over the tin.  Next time I will halve the filling.

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