Karmic Gift Wrap - Japanese Wrapping Cloths

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Japanese wrapping cloths are the perfect solution to too much fabric.  I picked up some old* curtains made from barkcloth, knowing that a friend was collecting this fabric.  It has bubbly slub that just invites touching.  Barkcloth is a little thicker than some typical furnishing fabrics and strangely, is the drop cloth of choice for many a thrifty painter as demonstrated by these curtains.  Unfortunately, my friend had too much fabric and for a brief moment, so did I.

After trying trade me - no-one wanted my darling curtains, I gave them a good wash and they became giftwrap.  Japanese wrapping cloth or Furoshiki to be exact.  You can read more about how these cloths and their uses here.  Each piece has that loved patina of little paint spots here and there.  Combined with some other former drop cloths, I had the brilliant answer to my "too much fabric" dilemma.  Now these pieces of fabric are drifting amongst my friends, adorning gifts and being passed on.  Who knows, I might even get one back one day.

*linking up with other op shopping adventures over at Black Bird has Spoken.

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  1. What a fabulous solution. Just love the idea. Thank you!!

  2. i love the idea of a fabric wrapped gift, there's something so wrong about just tearing off paper and discarding it (though i tend to slow unpeel, hoard and reuse) and if the fabric is as cool, and the wrapping up done as beautifully as this its like a gift within a gift. so great to have you linking up again x


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