Perennial Remake of a Favourite

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I am a sucker for go anywhere dresses.  The sort that can take a day at daycare or impress the grandparents at the drop of a hat.  This dress certainly fits the bill.  It is the perennial dress by SewPony.  There is even a free tutorial for it.

The colours may look familiar, and they are.  I am trying to recapture a favorite of mine that I made 2 years ago.  This one is made of a light stretch denim with an America Jane print as the accent.  Of course there is truckloads of bias tape in there too.  The red accents around the neckline are peeks of the singlet beneath.  I can proudly claim that this dress has withstood the rigors of daycare and lived to tell the tale.

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