Blogging Inertia

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have been suffering blogging inertia.

I had one really frustrating night when Blogger refused to accept my post. It appears that it had issues with pasting things from Open Office. Is this giving anyone else grief?

My dearest pointed out that I was over an hour each night on the computer. I thought he was exaggerating until I timed myself. I have to concede he was right, and maybe that was too much time. So, I took the week off.

But I'm back again. It was a nice week of just reading along and not feeling compelled to write anything. I have been getting some things done in the last week and will write about it all shortly. I even had coffee with the wonderful Janelle today. Also, if you are in the Wellington region, you have one more day to get to the quilter's guild Exhibition. Go on, you really must.

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  1. It was great catching up with you today....I WILL get myself organised and get you and little E. around for a play date...promise! xx


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