Friday Thrifting

Monday, September 15, 2008

It has almost become a Friday ritual, packing up little e in the afternoon and carting her off to all the thrift stores, making my way North to pick up my husband from work. If I'm really organised I can take in 2 Salvation Army stores before their 4:30 close. I usually get waylaid in the first and have to pry little e away from the fridge of magnets that are not for sale.

There have been some treasures lately. This wonderful piece of lace would be one. The only damage being 4 small holes in the linen where the price tag was attached.

Little e adores this pair. I haven't seen and attached Mum and child for years. I'm not sure if you are supposed to cuddle them. The fur is so soft yet the bear is koala is hard and you have to watch out for those claws.

I also picked up this sweet recipe holder. I've yet to put a recipe in it, but it is handy for storing each weeks menu.

This weeks treasures included another Eloise Wilkin Golden Book, an awesome Norsewear Cardigan and a bunny glass for little e who is getting to grip with cups. For other thrifting treasures, take some time to look at the Hyena in Petticoats Thrifted Tuesdays. She finds the best stuff.

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  1. ha!ha!ha! I haven't seen one of those koalas in years! The recipe box is just lovely!

  2. What a great design on that recipe box. I've never seen one like it before, and yet it's totally logical. Great find!

  3. What treasures you found. Will have to follow your link because I love seeing what other people find! x


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