Getting Over It and Getting It Finished

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's been a slow week at Casa Seven Stitches. Little e is getting over tonsillitis and my dearest and I are falling in her wake with various colds. Though, I have been able to get some binding done and a quilt finished during one of her really long sleeps.

I think little kids should be issued flags. Ones that go up in the morning with messages like – “I may be chirpy right now but give me a hour at daycare and I'll be ready to come home”, or “plan to do something big ,cos I'm going to sleep for almost 3 hours”. I went in to check on her an innumerable number of times during the latter and feel really bad about making the call to go to work with the former.

Cuddles are wonderful, but right now I'm looking forward cuddles of the “I'm glad to see you” type rather than the other sort.

Little e is looking up and getting over it. She spent much of the afternoon running around with a friend and is back into her food. I think our respective cold have fallen by the wayside too.

The back, with real washing for authenticity

On the getting it finished front, I finished my first Jelly Roll quilt on Friday. I started it in a class in June and it is already taking pride of place on our bed. Just in time for all of us to snuggle under as we recover.

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  1. Oh gorgeous!

    Hope you all feel better soon xx

  2. It seems to be going around our casa too. Hope you all are feeling better soon. Love your quilt, the quilting is wonderful.

  3. what a beautiful quilt! I love the elongated log cabin and the quilting on the back looks superb! Hope your recovery continues. :-)

  4. Well done. a beautiful quilt (front and back) Im soooo tempted by those blimmin jelly rolls..... Cheers Cherry

  5. What a clever lady you are - the quilt is just beautiful. Here's hoping you're all on the mend now. x

  6. this is gorgeous! I love the rich colors that you used and the back piecing is great too! Wonderful job!

  7. Wow, that is impressive. It must feel good to have it finished and so quickly. A quilt of that size would take me years...

  8. the quilt is the back and the quilting! hope you all are feeling fine soon.

  9. I must share credit, Debbie of Quilter's Lane did the wonderful machine quilting for me. I'm delighted with the work she's done here.


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