Butterfly Rescue

Friday, February 01, 2013

Make way for the butterfly rescue team.

We have two patches of swan plants, planted just for the caterpillars. Last year they ate through one patch. this year we have been ferrying them from the more popular plants to the ones that are still intact.  Despite our best efforts, they still manage to make short work of all we plant.

These guys can eat and eat.  Some escape to shadier places. This one must have been full, as we now have a chrysalis on the rose bush.
Some are carefully lifted. Very carefully, because they do tickle. 

 Then it is off to their new homes on the intact plants.

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  1. Before this year, I never knew how much those little critters could eat. Seriously! I understand why you've planted *patches* as opposed to our naive and misguided purchase of just one plant. Aren't they fun though!


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