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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This week, I managed to thrift, without entering the shops.

First, looking for a tripod, I ventured into a camera shop to find they were having a garage sale too.  Instead of tripod, I left with a set of drawers and vintage china.  To make it even better, the rest of the handles were tucked into the drawers.

Then on a lunch break, I spied the office next door moving out. After some curious questioning, I was the new owner of a random oak drawer with a brilliant handle, 5 metal rubbish bins and vintage Christmas decorations to get me through the year.  The kids are taking great delight in swapping around the bins/drums/seats and running their hands through the decorations.  I have to admit to gazing at the decorations on the odd occasion too.

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  1. ooh i have a bad case of find-envy. I LOVE the bins. I LOVE the drawers. i LOVE institution-chic full stop.
    and such a score just on the metal drawer label doodads, i had to buy one recently and it cost me $5. for one!
    great to have you linking up again x

  2. Such wonderful, unexpected finds! Sometimes they are the best kind.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Great finds! Thank you for your sweet comment! Best wishes

  4. Love it! Shop garage sales - who woulda thought! lucky you!

  5. Hi, I found here from Blackbird has spoken. I love old storage systems and boxes, these are a really great find!


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