Dresses and Diplomacy

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have two little girls who insist on being treated exactly the same, despite being very different and two years apart.

Should I slip up, I am reminded over and over again.  When I started the cherry blossom dress for one, the other wanted her dress too.  There was some very diplomatic sewing involved.  One dress sat finished bar the hook and eye on the back while the other was finished.  Then both dresses could be finished at the same time.  One dress had yo-yos on the pocket so of course the other needed them too.  As far as the girls were concerned, the best part was getting to choose the buttons from button tin.

It becomes another matter when forces outside of the family point out the differences. It took a while for H to get used to E being at school, but last week saw the ultimate injustice in my 3 year old's eyes.  E lost her first tooth.  The 3 year old was frantically pressing teeth to find a loose one and asking why the tooth fairy didn't visit her too.

I think it might be time to stop the synchronised sewing in an attempt to celebrate the differences together.

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  1. The things we do to keep the peace! My kids are the same, except the smallest is a boy... Makes things a bit tricky.


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