Last of the Summer Swims

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This summer we have embraced our local baths.  They are the only solution to hot summer afternoons and that moment when you swear you  are about to melt.

I love the colours and lines of the place as well as the relative quiet of an outdoor pool.  I feel I could just hug whoever it was that decided that all WWII memorials should be a living part of the community, rather than a stone relic. They obviously knew about our summers.

Miss H shows the way to the kids end of the pool.

Goggles, princess towel, rash top and ready to go.

The faded seat edges have me wanting to paint everything to match, yellow, blue and green, if only to keep summer going a little longer.

This week we snuck to the pool, during school time.  We shared the place with three retirees diligently swimming laps.  Half an hour after schools out and it is a different matter entirely - kids every where, the occasional parent and the best afternoon in the sun you could wish for.

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  1. Wonderful pool! Being from the North its hard to imagine going to school in the summer. I'm sad for you heading into fall and excited spring is only 3 weeks away for us! Although I live in Texas so winters are pretty mild. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. And hasn't it / isn't it just a gorgeous summer which is still not showing signs of leaving
    I hear what you're saying! Our neighbours have a pool which we have been using A LOT

  3. You certainly are making jealous of your summer sun! Winter has been a bear this year in the northern hemisphere!

  4. We were at that very pool in early February! Such a gorgeous spot and classic old-school NZ, I love it! Can hardly believe you found it so empty. My Mum's partner is a farmer at the southern end of town so no doubt we will be back next summer.


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