Wooden Handles, Vintage Utensils

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I love mystery objects. Especially the ones that look really useful, but still keep you guessing.  I picked up the little yellow mystery object a week ago.  I love the worn, optimistic yellow handle.

I certainly have soft spot for wooden handled utensils as you can see from this quick raid of the kitchen drawer.  I love the aged patina the layers of paint get over time and the distinguishing details like twin tone or stripes.  I can't work out if you are supposed to have everything matchy matchy or have mismatched handles so you can always find the one you want.

And in case you were wondering what the little yellow and green items were for, they really are a lot friendlier than they look.   Meet my new peach pitter and apple corer.  Now there is nothing standing in the way of an old fashioned pantry full of glowing jars of golden queen peaches.

*Linking in with Op Shop Show Off
** I'm hugely tempted to use a cheesy post title like - Everybody Must Get Stoned, It's the Pits or just downright gruesome - DIY Pet Neutering Kit.

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  1. Wooden handles are cool. I totally would've appreciated one of your alternative post titles, especially Bob Dylan.

  2. agreed, everyone must get stoned would be a class title!
    i always wondered what the peach pitter implement was for when i saw them. as the owner of an backyard black boy peach tree i'm determined to pick one up next time i see one now, cause they are a b*gger to de-stone for jam etc.
    i used to collect the green handled ones for display in my kitchen. but then i painted my kitchen that exact shade of green cause i couldn't get enough of it and i started to use them instead.
    i have one that is like a roller, with blades every 1/2 cm. it cuts out brilliant tagliatelle, but i'm sure thats not what it's original 1950's (?) new zealand use was. any ideas?
    grand to have you linking up again x

  3. Drooling! I am quite obsessed with these little beauties too. The other day I was rumaging in a friends kitchen drawer when I found the most unusual one I'd ever seen. Hard to explain but it was like two metal cresents back to back, what it did was cut perfect round biscuits as you rolled it forward. It belomged to her great G-Dad who owned a bakery yonks ago! How cool is that! xxx

  4. I love those old utensils, I often buy them and then never use them. I must change that.

  5. OH those are just gorgeous, I love having a bit of colour and style in my kitchen utensils helps to make those mundane domestic tasks a tad less dreary!


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