A Pair of Pirates

Monday, September 23, 2013

This weeks thrifty find isn't mine.  It's my daughter's.  She spotted the little pirate toby mug and exclaimed "just like Mum's!".

The shopkeeper carefully wrapped it for her and added "It's always good to have collections," before handing it to my beaming 6 year old.

Their providence is nothing exceptional.  A simple "Japan" back stamp. They both have little chips.  However, they make me smile and they make my daughter beam.

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  1. awww shes got a good eye! How lucky and very sweet to have a pair :)

  2. Anything that brings a "beam" is great item :) xx

  3. clever girl, you have trained her well in the art!
    i think it was world talk like a pirate day on sunday, great timing for your find!


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