Parisian Grafitti - Not Just Writing on the Walls

Monday, September 02, 2013

There are little details that you take for granted in large cities.  One of them is grafitti.  We found this striking Napoleon on our first day in Paris.  From them on, I took great delight in hunting out the little personal markers as we meandered through the streets.  There was a strange series of little monster cutouts pasted on buildings, tigers in concrete jungles and tiled vignettes on street corners.  Just looking for them, made us look closer at our surroundings, spending time in the moment rather than just hurrying to get to the next attraction.

By far my favorite is the one below.  I saw it on my last day.

As I was trying to frame the picture, I saw the couple below.   I love that the bride's dress matches the writing perfectly. The photographer and couple are so busy getting the right shot with the Eiffel tower behind them, that they haven't stopped to look at what is written above them.

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  1. This triggers enormous nostalgia for me. Your photos are lovely, especially the last one!

  2. what a great shot! i wonder who wrote it and why...


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