At the Rue de Grenelle Market

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

One of the nicest things about staying with friends while on holiday, is being invited to see their favorite places.  Every Wednesday and Sunday, around the corner from Grannie Annie's, there's a market.  Overnight it springs up under the Metro Line.

Grannie Annie leads the way
 It's one of Grannie Annie's favorite haunts.  She smiles and greets the stall holders, shows us where to get glitzy bling for little girls and leads us through the melee.

I hear that Sunday is the day for flowers and brocante*.  We were there on a Wednesday, and Wednesday is food day.  Wednesday is the day you can do your shopping, fill a bag and take home dinner for the evening.  If I could add scratch and sniff photos I would. Perhaps, not for the fish stalls but definitely for the swirling dishes of paella, roasted pousin and fresh pastries.

The flowers were pretty stunning too.  Banks and banks of peonies.  I have never seen lace cap hydrangeas look as lovely as when banked up en masse, accompanied by a sign in french.  If I wasn't travelling, I swear I would have walked the streets, my arms laden with glorious flowers.

*Vintage Goodness

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  1. sigh. you reminded me, i'm determined to plant a pale pink peony this year x


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