Cup Cakes in the Mail Box

Saturday, August 02, 2008

There was a strange package in our mail box yesterday. I couldn't remember ordering anything on line lately, and there were no trade me purchases either. Then I saw the US postal mark. It's my cupcakes and just in time for morning tea.

I put the jug on, put my feet up and opened the package. The quilt and softie are wonderful and of course the red is just me. Susan, you've done a wonderful job of making these. I'd forgotten there would be tea too so just as well the jug was on.

I'm impressed with the US postal service. When they say 5 – 10 days, they mean it. This took only 6 working days to get to my obscure little town. The New Zealand service leaves me wondering, however. Most of the time parcels are left at the door. While everything arrived intact, no one had read the Do Not Squish when trying to use our tiny mail box.

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  1. that little quilt is sooo cute! welcome spring...summer is in full swing here...101 degrees F today...ugh!

  2. These are just so gorgeous - I'll be on the lookout for one now!x


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