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Monday, August 11, 2008

Last time I gave any serous thought to tidying my craft space, I vowed once again to reduce the number of WISPS. After counting up an embarrassing number of Works in Slow Progress, I decided to start with some that were almost finished and this pair fits the bill.

I adored these Jennifer Pudney kitsets. I finished stitching them in 2000 and 2002 – so let's make that work in very slow progress. As I had no idea as to how to frame them, they stayed that way until today. There are some very helpful notes on framing here. My masochistic streak had me trying to stitch the canvases over their blocking, before giving in and going hammer and tong with the glue gun.

It's time to bundle one of them up as her new owner is waiting.

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  1. I had one of those Pudney kitsets, I actually did finish it....I wonder where it is? Yours look great!

  2. love those stitching, they are so colorful and beautiful.

  3. Just come across your lovely blog. And this post has reminded me that I bought one of these at a craft fair in Hamilton whilst pregnant with first daughter - coming up 4 - will have to fish it out and finish now I see how lovely the finished article looks. x PS My husband's a framer so that shouldn't be a problem!

  4. They are lovely! I've admired those kitsets in Nancys Embroidery but I've never got around to trying one. Yay for finishing off slow WIPs!

  5. I am so relieved that there is a term for slow works in progress that has such a sweet ring to it! I have so many WISPs I sometimes dream about them. I like to think that WISPs are the sign of a creative and interested mind, undaunted by the thought of new projects. I hope this is not a CD (craft delusion).

    And your embroidery looks so lovely.


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