Talking With Friends

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When I saw this kitset many years ago it reminded me of sitting and chatting with my friend, M. I had just left university and started my first job in a new city. I was really missing my friends too.

M and I have been friends since the beginning of university and lived in number of dodgy flats together, before striking out to different cities. We had both come from boarding schools and were marveling at the freedom of university. While in the first days of the university hostel everyone was asking about study and exam marks, M was the first to ask about family. It's the little things that you remember.

We have lived cities and countries apart, managing to stay in touch all the while. Along with her husband, she is a godparent to my child. Her son insists on being part of the action too, and sees himself as a godbrother.

While neither of us has ever owned a frumpy dress like the one in the picture, I think the pink top and brown pants looks like someone has raided my wardrobe. The picture hasn't really changed over the years. There are a few more kids toys on the floor, maybe, and husbands doing manly things somewhere.

After eight years the picture is finished and on it's way to M for her birthday and yes, it still reminds me of sitting and talking with her.

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