Seeing Stars Finished and on the Line

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The seeing stars top is finished and so is my attempt to thriftily piece together the back. The weather is finally good enough to take the quilt outside and so here they are.

I'm pleased with the quilt. Thank-you so much to those who helped with my dilemma about the setting blocks a few weeks ago. I've looked at a few of the other finished tops on flickr and I am impressed by them all.

I got a little carried away on the backing. The silhouette of the clothes line in the photo was an accident, but maybe I could work with this. I was going to just sew together the cream fabrics in my stash into strips and keep going until I ended up with a square. Then I decided to use up all the remnants from the front too. It grew from there. Soon I was cutting bits already sewn together to add more colour. My dearest managed to watch most of Die Hard 4 in the “just 20 minutes” while I pieced the stripy section.

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  1. that's truly beautiful - the colours are jewell like and the white background sets it off so prettily. The whole thing looks like a wonderful stained glass window! And the back is cool!

  2. wow, your star quilt has turned out wonderful.

  3. it does look like stained glass hanging that way...the back is gorgeous! i have to piece the back for mine have inspired me to do something special. this is going to be stunning! Congrats!

  4. Well done!

    It looks grand!

    Love Leanne NZ

  5. The back looks as though it could be the front!

  6. Wow! I just finished my Start QAL recently and was browsing on Amanda Jean's blog. I like your stars, blocks and backing. Wow! What a great use of color contrasting with the background.

  7. wow! This looks amazing. I love the back and the front!

  8. Love the star quilt, so wonderfull, thankyou for you great blog,


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