Applying Make-up on a Train

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Following in my series of things to do on a train...There are some important things to consider when applying makeup on a train. As you are applying it on a train you are obviously pushed for time. To apply it at home would mean getting up even earlier.

Above: An extreme example of applying makeup on a train taken from The Marshall Cavendish Complete Book of Needle Craft

The first consideration is to apply while sitting in your seat, or using the bathroom. The bathroom has a better mirror, is less conspicuous and beside how else will you get your 10 minutes of balance exercises into the day?

Step 1 Foundation Powder is the easiest to apply and requires less accuracy so go with this option.

Step 2 Eyeliner Best to time this for the brief moment when you will be at a train station. Apply carefully. If the train is moving, apply very carefully.

Step 3 Eye Shadow Brace your knees between the measly vanity and the toilet pan to remain standing at mirror height. This requires more skill if the train driver is running late and prone to jerky movements.

Step 4 Blush Subtle colours are best as mistakes are likely.

Step 5 Lipstick See above. Remember that a scarlet track from the corner of your mouth to the right nostril is never becoming.

Finishing remember to smile nicely at the ticket collector who has been standing outside the cubicle door since the last station, and you are ready for work.

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