6 Weeks? Already?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We had our last midwife appointment on Friday.

Last time, it took me by surprise. I felt sure I wasn’t ready to care for my baby without the training wheels. I found every reason I could to stall as the midwife left.

This time we were ready. E had picked out a gift, and I had even managed to get some photos developed. It’s high time I shared some.

The hat is from Janelle of Heartfelt fame and you can see more of the quilt here.

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  1. How beautiful! Looks like you are doing a wonderful job.

  2. Oh she is seriously cute and the hat is sweet on her.

  3. Doesn't the time just fly?!! I too didn't want to 'give up' my midwife after number 1! She really is beautiful! x

  4. Oh Amy, she is deliciously cute! Dressing baby in pretty wee knits must be so lovely. Here in Brisbane, at 6 weeks, Abby's uniform was a cloth nappy, soaker pants and a bonds singlet. Classy! Glad that everything feels calm and good.


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