The Wedding Quilt

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I finished the quilt. It’s a rare event for me to get a wedding quilt finished before the actual wedding. I still have an unfinished wedding quilt in my bottom drawer from 2005. I was indignant when my husband suggested that we take the finished quilt up next time we drive to Auckland. With the four of us, there was a fair bit of luggage, but there was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass, even if I had to board the plane wearing it.

The bride is a very stylish and modern person, so I was expecting a request for a bright contemporary quilt. I sent her a link to the Sew Mama Sew Quilt Month quilts and she sent back the numbers of the ones she liked. I was surprised as they were all very traditional. So here is the most traditional quilt I have ever made (as proclaimed by my dearest).

It’s a bear’s paw with setting blocks, based on one in Quilts Down Under earlier this year. The quilting was done by Debbie of Quilter’s Lane in Masterton. I really rate her work if you are looking for someone for your next quilt. You can see the progress of the quilt here, here and here. In case your wondering, I managed to secret it away in my bags before leaving.

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  1. this actually made me gasp as the picture came up on the monitor. It is the most lovely quilt! And so like the Wedding Quilt I want to get done for myself. Now where am I going to find the time for that?!
    Good on you for getting it finished!

  2. what a special gift! It turned out amazing!

  3. wow your quilt looks the bears paw blocks

  4. a truly kind and special gift...lucky couple!

  5. Giving someone a quilt is such a generous gift -so very much of your time goes into it, and with two young children .. you deserve a medal! (a platinum one)

    The quilt looks lovely and something for them to cherish in their years ahead.

  6. Just beautiful! Love the red and white look to it. Glad you got it done before the wedding.

  7. Just beautiful! Love the red and white look to it. Glad you got it done before the wedding.

  8. That's a very pretty quilt. They are a lucky couple, especially getting it on time for the wedding- VBG. Great job.

  9. It's beautiful, I loved the way you used so many different reds. And a very traditional quilt is wonderful to do every now and again.


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