Sunday Stash - Felted Fairisle

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I’ve decided to jump in on the Sunday Stash Bandwagon. It’s so wonderful to be celebrating the stash. While it’s not your usual quilting fabric I thought I’d celebrate my latest felted acquisitions before they jump into the washing machine.

I stumbled upon the fairisle (knitter s, you can correct me if I’m wrong) jersey just over a week ago. At the time I didn’t have much to co-ordinate with it. However, on Tuesday while looking for some black jerseys, I found the other two to go with it.

Don’t you just love the label? Just think, I’m recycling the recycled wool.

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  1. The idea of recycling the recycled is wonderful.

  2. i love felting sweaters too! lovely piece and the thought of twice recycling is awesome! thanks for sharing!!


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