Thinking About Keeping Warm

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As my felted jersey stash reaches 25* and the temperatures reach -2, I’ve been thinking about keeping warm. I have finally cut into some of the favourites in my felted stash to make the baby blanket in “Warm Fuzzies”.

The un-backed top on a sunnier day

I’m so excited about the colours. The backing is a vintage flannelette sheet my mother found in the attic. It’s just perfect for this. Together, the colours just seem to hum. I’m so pleased I have enough fabric to make a second.

Miss H and her new blanket, looking very serious indeed

*I stopped counting at 25 as it got to be a bit embarrassing. However I have just trimmed and felted another 7.

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  1. The blanket is just gorgeous - I got that book out in the UK and thought it was lovely. I'm so jealous of your felted jumper stash - I can't find ANY woollen jumpers to felt at the moment and I'm constantly looking! x

  2. What a great blanket, lovely colours. And I'm partial to the cutie under it!
    I can't find many jumpers to felt and those I do find are priced through the roof.


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