A Bit of Math and Some Vintage Chintz

Friday, June 19, 2009

When Jennicakes asked for some extra helpers for her quilting bee, I had my hand up in a flash. I was like one of those kids in the class saying “Pick me, pick me”. It’s so rare that these virtual quilting bees are open to international post.
Jennifer sent a small bundle of fabrics to make two traditional blocks out of. I tried to make both blocks without any substitutions. After cutting the fabric, I saw another way, but it was a little too late. Some vintage chintz snuck in there too as it was the closest blue I could find in my stash.
I have also posted off my last two blocks for the Kiwi Quilters Block Swap. This was more of a swap than a quilting bee. First up there is the flower for Maree and then there is the aptly named “Lynda’s Star” for Lynda.
Thanks to everyone for letting me take part. I know I can be little tardy at times, but I got there in the end. This leaves me looking for another to launch myself into. Anyone want to swap?

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