The Wedding

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Brother in Law was married on Saturday. I’ve been calling his wife my sister-in-law for years. It’s so much easier than my brother in law’s partner. But now, I really can call her my Sister-in-Law.

I tried to be subtle, not wanting to be one of those horrid people who whip out the camera during the ceremony. Here is glimpse of the happy couple as I do my best secret squirrel.

E spent the wedding ceremony reading her new favourite book – a Thomas the Tank Engine Catalogue and rocking along with the organ music.

My big plans to make myself a new outfit for the wedding were scaled down. I did, however, make the accessories and the quilt was finished too. There will be more on the quilt later, I promise.

The couple are now off to sunny Fiji to spend some time on holiday. As I load up the fireplace once more, I think I might be jealous.

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