Crafty Book Review: Christmas crafting with kids

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Putting it simply, this book is brilliant.  It takes a lot for me to rave about a craft book and Christmas Crafting with Kids, by Catherine Woram,  has a lot. 

It caught my eye on the library shelf and jumped in my bag. The title tells a lot.  Unlike some deceptive grown up craft books masquerading as a kids book - this book contains projects that with a little guidance, kids really can make.  There is baking, decorations, gifts and cards. 

We poured over the pages and decided to give the peg dolls a try.  Miss H was keen to make them her own way,  using the paper doilies as wings rather than as a dress.  We had a great time painting up the pegs. Two were left unpainted for E to make later, much to the concern of her sister.  She was very worried about the dolls being "naked".

Format - The book is hardcover, 125 pages with 35 projects.  the projects are divided into decorations, gifts, cards and wrapping.  The materials used are relatively straight forward.  you may need to duck out for airdry clay, fimo or sequins for some.  With a little thought, most people should be able to find some projects that don't require additional materials.  Each step is illustrated with photos of real kids making things.  While the finished products often look like they have had some older hands helping, I'm sure little hands would add their own magic.

Who would I recommend it to?  The projects look to be for about ages 4 and up, and will require some adult guidance.  Consequently, I'd recommend it to people wanting to take the time with children, to make something special for Christmas.  Thinking about it, I might just be the author's target market.

Would I buy it? If it wasn't already in my local library - YES, I would buy it in a flash. 

Disclaimer - I love books and devour them with cups of tea and gingernuts.  I also love honest book reviews that let you know what is in store. This book was kindly lent to me by my local library, because that's what they do.

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  1. Great review. You are so right it's very hard to get a craft book that really is for kids. This drives me mad. I always but craft books for my daughter for Christmas and often need to but them from amazon. Last years one was a first sewing book but when I got it most of the projects needed a sewing machine!!! Crazy or what!!
    Rosie xx


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