Adventure 5 - Blanket Forts

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sometimes the tools for adventure are right in front of your nose, or in this case at the end of your bed.  Today's adventure takes as many chairs and blanket as you can find. 

We have had a few rainy days this first week of school holidays.  Sometimes you just need to surrender to the chaos and give up the lounge.  In this case, every blanket  and quilt comes out of hiding.  Mysteriously, the chairs disappear from anywhere you might want to sit down.  The forts pop up like little shanty towns as the kids try to work out how to balance it all and run to the kitchen for yet more pegs.

If you wait long enough there is even an invite to join them for a tea party inside the fort.  As long as I have somewhere perch for a cup of tea, I'm happy.

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  1. my kids did that too and still do sometimes. They would also use the cushions from the sofa to make walls for the fortress. Or even trains from dining room chairs. Great to be kids isn't it? :))

  2. Loving all of your adventures. My boys have gone to visit their grandparents (x4) in Christchurch and I'm quite missing them!


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