Pinwheel Scone and Vintage Tools

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sometimes newer isn't better.  This week we made pinwheel scones using the vintage butter cutters.  Granddad was on his way over and we needed something for morning tea.

These wood and wire beauties are made to "rub in" the butter.  Being the modern girl that I am, I  usually reach for the food processor for this job.  I'm considering a change.  Once you get into it, the butter cutters are just as fast and an awful lot easier to wash. They also gave Miss H a chance to have a go too.

Soon enough the scones were ready to go and in the oven.  I would have take a photo of the finished pinwheels, but we were too busy eating them.

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  1. I love those old butter cutters - that's such a cool name for them! I have 3, all slightly different, they're the only thing I ever use when making scones. One is so well-used (it was DH's grandmother's) that the paint is worn right off. Butter cutters - love it ;-)

  2. I've got a couple of those butter cutters, but none as cool as yours! The best thing, like you said, is how easy they are to clean!

  3. Takes me back to Home Ec class... I think that was the last time I used one!

  4. i have never used one and i don't have one...very soon to be remedied, what a beautiful little object!
    your wee girl is a real cutie in her pretty apron x

  5. I have one of those tools. We always called it a "pastry cutter". I use mine quite a lot, mainly to make Bakewell Cream biscuits. I love to serve them still warm from the oven to treat my family to Strawberry Shortcake whenever strawberries are on sale at the grocery store.
    Your daughter is pretty as a picture in her apron, doing some baking for GrandDad. So sweet...


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