Little Adventure 3 - Fizzy Sherbert

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's adventure started with some decorating.  We stamped and typed little paper bags.  H typed beautiful lines of gibberish and E went for terms of endearment.

 Once the bags were ready it was time for the mixing.

There was sifting,
 a little tasting,
 puzzled little taste testers,
 and curious new experiences.

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  1. i looooove ur sifter!amazing!mezz x

  2. Sherbet yummy! That looks like fun times right there!

    Those sifters are great to use aren't they! My kids always like to watch the 'snowy mountain' that comes out of it! The tin measures are cool too - I have a few, and they really are useful. We used them when we were kids too.
    Happy days!

  3. Your daughters are darling! And they are so lucky to have a Mum look to do interesting things with them.


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