Little Adventures - Knitting Dolls and Little Hands

Monday, April 22, 2013

Little adventures are everywhere.  To celebrate the school holidays, we're having 5 days of adventures - each day a little bit of something to keep little hands busy.  Today, we're knitting.

The girls have been playing with these for the last few weeks.  After some experimenting, I would recommend french knitting for 7yrs plus or a very enthusiastic 5yr old.  While my 4 year old finds the french knitting appealing* the co-ordination is not quite there.

We have knitted our way through the pieces of wool that came with the doll.  The coaster was carefully stitched after the kids went to bed, keeping up a fine family tradition of coasters for Grandma**.

E is now knitting her way through a  multicolored ball of knotted ends.  The different lengths add to the effect.

You can make a knitting doll with a wooden cotton reel and carpet tacks.  There is a tutorial over at Knit for Victory.

*H picked up her doll, with the knitting already started and exclaimed "Look how much poos is coming out!"

**Mum stitched up our finger knitting and Gran used them as a coaster for her morning teapot and cuppa.

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  1. Sadie has been using her knitting doll too, she finds it quite addictive....gorgeous. Jx

  2. Ah that's so typical of kids. I laughed when I read what H said. Mine would say the exact same thing. I love the tradition of sewing them up for coasters. Isn't it so nice to do these things for our kids that our Mum's did for us and made us feel so special.


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