We fish, we fish, we merrily swim

Monday, April 01, 2013

We fish, we fish, we merrily swim, 
We care not for friend nor for foe. 
 Our fins are stout, 
Our tails are out,
 As through the seas we go.
  Herman Mellville

Nestled next to last weeks china set, my girls spied a fish tank.  We have been admiring fish for a while now.  It turns out you need more than a tank. 

After some careful words at the pet store, we came away with water conditioner, nurturing bacteria and instructions. We cleaned, conditioned and dosed and today we fished.

Our new pets are called Blackie (on account of black lips) and Lilly  (named after a favourite baby sitter).  I fear my dearest and I have spent a little more time than the children, admiring the fish antics.
 Left to right - Blackie and Lilly

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  1. Awesome, Lilly is very flattered. Can would love to come see them, he has been asking for some for ages.

  2. Great work little op-shoppers! I bet theyre quite relaxing to watch unlike my menagerie ie cat trying to get rabbit and chooks. Maybe i could get a fish too, for the cat to stalk!

  3. LOVE - ours were Diana and Charles then Diana died and I wouldn't let Camilla move in and then the cat ate Charles so now we have William Catherine and Tsunami


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