The Ball Dress, The Sister and The Remake

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Once upon a time there was a beautiful  ball gown and a lovely little sister.   They were perfectly matched.  The dress was just right for school balls and other glamorous occasions and the sister was, of course, lovely.

Over time the dress grew a little tired and the little sister grew too.  They were no longer the perfect match that they once were. 

This is how I came to start unpicking my sister's ball gown.  We scoured my Burda magazines looking for options.  The skirt was carefully hand washed, ironed and unpicked some more.
We settled on burda 12-2011-102 .  She traced and I cut.  Initially there was going to be a muslin, but that became the lining as deadlines loomed closer. Hemming was fine line between taste and daring.

Finally, it was finished.
Sweet curved neckline doubling as straps, fully lined, shiny bow and floaty baby hem.  What more could a you want?  The dress gets to live another day.
 Perfect for each other again...

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  1. I love this, making some new from something loved! The new dress looks so carefree and fun.


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